M u j a h e d  K h a l l a f


M o s a i c   i n   t h e

r e f u g e e   c a m p s


The core idea of this project is to train a group of young people in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank to practice mosaic making professionally.


This project targets the marginalized categories of people and those who are not financially secure.  Some of the core ideas and goals of this project include: creating an environment in which the youth interact with each other promoting the social spirit; providing an environment that has a positive psychological impact on the individual. That is to say, in such an environment the individual will be expected to work to the best of their ability to come out with a flawless artwork.


The main activities during the project include group discussions with everyone in order to find out about their hopes, dreams and/or topics.

After this, I help them to draw a sketch of their ideas. In a next step, the children and teenagers learn how to cut the stones in the colors they want to use. This task asks for physical strength, sure instinct and precision.

After having learned how to work with the stones they will be introduced to different techniques and skills to make the mosaic.

Each piece of mosaic takes about three days. For one workshop I ask every child to finish at least four pieces of mosaic art.

We finish the workshop with an exhibition in the streets, as well as in a closed room inside the refugee camps, where every child introduces his artwork to the audience personally.